Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Scarehouse

Last night I had the opportunity to visit The Scarehouse in Pittsburgh, PA in preparation for choosing haunted attraction to tour during HAuNTcon 2012 that will be in nearby Monroeville. (See for details on that.) Owners Barbara and Scott Simmons were gracious hosts and we were treated to a fantastic haunt!

The attraction has 3 sections; The Forsaken was first. Creepy, high quality sets make for a twisting claustrophobic trip through a long forgotten carnival. Delirium 3D was a high energy, florescent blacklite LSD trip through a rave club of fright, complete with a live DJ pumping out dance tunes! And finally, Pittsburgh Zombies is an apocalyptic journey of survival through a zombie infested city. Zombies were coming from every direction and avoiding them came impossible as we hurried to the safety of the real Pittsburgh streets.

Each of the haunts were filled with great actors wearing great costumes in great sets and great haunt design. Several places in the experience you can see into other parts of the path giving you a teaser of what is to come, and making the enormous attraction seem even bigger.

Everyone in our party gave The Scarehouse a thumbs up!

Unfortunately, The Scarehouse cannot open up for HAuNTcon in May of 2012 due to renovation scheduling, so if you want to see this attraction you have to in October (unless together we can talk Scott into letting us in for a peek. Please plead our case when you see him!)

More haunts to see so stay tuned to the NEW Leonard Pickel Blog!


  1. Sounds like super spooky fun! Thank for sharing.
    Terry Holler

  2. I've been following them on their podcast. They provide some good info for aspiring haunters and fans!